About Us

It all started over a bowl of noodles …

The DataNoodle team: Aris Abramian, Audrey Ottevanger, and Barry Roberts.

In 2017, a group of friends sat down for a meal at a noodle shop and before long, the talk shifted from how Game of Thrones might be getting worse this season (how innocent we were) to how difficult it was to make data-driven decisions at work.

As eCommerce veterans, we knew from experience how frustrating it is to untangle meaningful business insights from scattered data across multiple sources. And yet, such was the status quo for every company we’d ever worked in.

A simple question arose: What if data were presented in a centralised way, where all teams and stakeholders can understand and leverage it easily?

That’s when the idea for DataNoodle came to life.

Our mission to democratise data

At DataNoodle, we believe that every business decision should be backed by honest, easily understood data. Our mission is to transform the way data is used and analysed, making it simple and powerful – not just for data nerds, but for everyone.

An eCommerce game-changer

Today, DataNoodle is a revolutionary platform that keeps a vigilant eye on your website and your competitors’ for pricing, product, and content changes.

No more constantly checking for new product launches or struggling with inefficient price tracking spreadsheets – with DataNoodle, you’ll never be caught off guard.

You can even integrate DataNoodle with your Google Analytics to see the direct impact of pricing and content changes on your conversions and revenue.

But that’s not all. DataNoodle has big dreams. With our experienced team, we’re expanding to monitor SEO metrics, track social media, and much more. Stay tuned!

Meet the Noodlers

Barry Roberts, DataNoodle CEO & Co-Founder

Barry Roberts


Audrey Ottevanger, DataNoodle COO & Co-Founder

Audrey Ottevanger


Aris Abramian, DataNoodle CTO & Co-Founder

Aris Abramian