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Stay Ahead of the eCommerce Pack

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Effortlessly monitor competitor pricing and stock changes

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Be alerted when any page’s content gets updated

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Make data-driven decisions and maximise profits

Effortless Price Monitoring

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Are you tired of constantly checking on your competitors’ pricing tactics? Ditch that tedious spreadsheet and let DataNoodle put your price monitoring game on Easy Mode.

Our hassle-free platform empowers eCommerce businesses to stay on the pulse of industry price movements as they happen, giving you an edge in today’s fast-paced market.

Content and Competitor Tracking

We do much more than just price monitoring. Set up website tracking and competitor tracking to keep updated on crucial changes: price, currency, availability, brand, SKU, page title, description, images, and more.

Plus, no more manually checking your competitors’ websites for new products, pages, or offers – we’ll let you know as soon as they make a move.

Product data tracking

Master of Your Own Domain

Website content data tracking

DataNoodle is a game changer for webmasters and eCommerce managers. Don’t you just hate it when:

  • The boss can’t grasp the benefits of your amazing on-page SEO or ninja-smooth conversion flows?
  • The IT team/development agency/office cat push changes that wipe out your work without telling you?
  • The update that you thought went live with no problems was actually a reversion to last year’s World Donut Day sale?

Track your website with DataNoodle and be on top of every change. And with our eCommerce analytics that integrates with Google Analytics, you can plug in your sales and revenue data and show everyone the real ROI impact of what you do.

You Don’t Have to Be a Data Nerd to Do Data Right

Say goodbye to the days of soul-crushing manual tracking, wrangling scraps of data from siloed teams, and relying on analysts to interpret it all.

DataNoodle puts honest, easy-to-understand data at your fingertips so you can finally concentrate on what matters most – growing your eCommerce business and boosting profits!

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Price Monitoring

Track prices and other product data including SKU, description, and availability.

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Competitor Tracking

Track multiple websites and compare your products directly to your competitors.

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Website Tracking

Monitor changes at the HTML level: headers, paragraphs, links, scripts, and more.

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Data Segmentation

Data Segments

Group products to create powerful data segments and uncover new insights.

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Get started with DataNoodle today and take control of the data that matters.